Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 – Day 2

Living in a world of all things textile, the sustainable fashion & Indian textiles day is the most anticipated day at Lakmé Fashion Week. The designers showcased a different perspective towards handlooms and Indian weaves as they celebrated fashion with home grown textiles as their primary concept.

The show opened with a black and red Assamese Mekhla Chador at Aagor by ANTS Craft, an NGO that empowers women of the Bodo tribe by giving them creative support. Yards of fabulous woven textiles were turned into stunning garments for the ramp. Making a show stopping entry was Bollywood star Sara Jane Dias in a slashed multicoloured skirt with a black blouse.


Making a beautiful debut at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 is Pranami Kalita’s label ‘Pariah by Pranami’ which was a visual treat on the catwalk. Bringing the beauty of Assam to centre stage, she worked wonders with Muga, Eri and Pat silk, all indigenous silks renowned in Assam. She gave a contemporary twist to the traditional Indian handloom by including weaved-in traditional Assamese motifs on crop tops, culottes, gowns and more. The models took to the ramp in beautiful capes, one-shoulder gowns, and off-the-shoulder dresses among others.


Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama presented an interesting collection consisting of  invigorating lines and shapes that were hard to decipher. Her label P.E.L.L.A. showcased hand woven pure Eri silk, Jamdani, Cashmere and Pashmina all ideal for the coming season.


Padmaja‘s collection, called the ‘Loom of my Mind’ brought the beauty of slow sustainable fashion to centre stage. The collection showcased the magic of handlooms that revealed the Maheshwar weavers’ expertise with specially woven fabrics that were highlighted with intricate detail and accuracy. The ensembles consisted of scarves in earthy colours along with fluid shapes that lent an element of ease to the collection.


“Working Hours” from the label ‘The Runaway Bicycle’ by Preeti Verma pedalled fashionably as a debut at Lakme Fashion Week. The collection was youthful, relaxed, and portrayed a sense of freedom in fashion as it was inspired by different professions of the era gone by. The collection showcased the feminine-androgyny trend which was fresh, wholesome and colourful in Khadi and organic fabrics.


The aesthetics of designers JasonAnshu for their label ‘The Small Shop’ had a vibrant painterly, whimsical, languid feel with sustainability being the highlight of the garments. Their collection of 12 ensembles called ‘Planet Love’ was a limited edition line that portrayed a fine balance between unique hand work and natural fabrics.


The burst of colours and prints in Mayank Mansingh Kaul & Monisha Ahmed’s collections provided a much-needed relief from the sea of blacks and greys. Busy prints, sexy chiffons and tailored pieces took the runway by storm.


Kallol Datta’s collection was filled with his trademark baggy silhouettes, velvet, polka dots and midnight blues. The designer’s creativity is so intense and innovative; it is a visual challenge to delve into his thinking process and figure out his extreme construction techniques and ideas.


Alan Alexander Kaleekal’s collection, ‘Garçonne’ was a mix of sharp tailoring, conventional fits and interesting gender norms. This innovative but totally wearable women’s wear line consisted of elongated sleeves, raw-edges, delightful suits and separates for the anti-fit distressed theme.


Pallavi Dhyani’s collection ‘Three’ was inspired by the beauty of imperfections in life. The collection consisted of samurai-style robes, blouse with pyjama-pants, colour blocked jumpsuit, pinstriped monochromatic jacket over a classic white kurta, an overcoat with crimson bandage wrapped around the waist, and a floor length loose fitted basic dress paired with a casual blazer layered on a calf length top teamed with pencil trousers. In terms of colour monochromatic colour-blocking was essential in the shades of  rose-gold, beige, caramel, monochrome and ruby red.


Weaver’s Studio presented a collection of Indo-western silhouettes. The colour palette was very muted as a deep blue palette was juxtaposed with hints of red.


Bina Rao for Creative Bee Foundation‘s collection titled Nuovo-eco-classic pays tribute to Indian crafts like block printing and hand painting. The women’s wear line consists of lots of florals and flares in warm hues of brown, red and ochre, giving it a bohemian theme. The ensembles include flared long skirts in raw silk in deep red and rust; overlap short blouse with embroidery and patchwork with Kalamkari motifs; dupattas woven in silk and painted with Kalamkari among other mesmerizing designs. The collection was semi formal and with minimal embellishments. Rao’s men’s collection included styles in classic brown and black in textured silks with block prints in natural dye.


Winter festive is not complete without a little bit, or a lot, of bling! Hemant Agrawal‘s metallic & shimmery collection consisted of simple yet elegant shifts, dresses and saris. Without the use of printing or embroidery, the ‘heavy metal’ collection showcased a collection of ensemble created with zari or metallic yarn.


Anavila is known for constructing simple and modern saris that not only look comfortable but have a classic touch to them. ‘The Sari In Us‘ by Anavila showcases how to nonchalantly pair the nine yards with sleeveless-cropped blazers and flimsy long coats. If power-dressing is all the rage, then this collection shows you how it’s done.


Monaco Tourism presents Sanjay Garg’s label ‘Raw Mango‘, a metallic collection that consisted of lots of palazzos, well-tailored separates, and slip dresses in silk and long coats. A riot of colours appeared on the ramp as the ensembles glittered with motifs and weaves that thrilled fashion lovers.


So that’s it for Day 2 of Lakmé Fashion Week 2016. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

P.S. I was keen on doing future fashion week posts based on the trends, where I break down the trends from the entire day instead of writing collection reviews.
Let me know what you would like to read, in the comments below.

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Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 – Day 0

The much awaited Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 kicked off to a grand show by Tarun Tahiliani along with Kangana Ranaut, as his showstopper. Tahiliani showcased his ready to wear collection inspired by sculptor Mrinalini Mukherjee’s life size hemp and cast bronze sculptures.
Here is the break down to this magnificent Winter Festive 2016 collection.

Designs – The collection consisted of organic motifs and abstract designs. Graphic textures and shading was the key to create a 3D feel on a digitally printed fabric, solely to give depth to the design and still keep the garment light and playful. Fringe was huge in his designs, from hemlines and sleeves to shoulders, tassels and fringes were seen on almost all of the pieces.
Garments – The collection consisted of kurtas, dhotis, kaftans, tunics, concept saris, shift dresses.
Silhouettes – Indian wear silhouettes with modern touches like cowls and capes.
Fabrics –  The collection was made of light, easy and breathable fabrics as the outfits cater to a no-nonsense style and comfort. The fabrics used were mostly jersey and textures in chanderi, soft net, Italian tulle, crepe georgette, micro pleated tulle and heavy crepe georgette.
Drapes – Ensembles using drapes such as cascades, cowl drapes and capes to showcase it’s elegance and fluidity.
Color palette – Celebrates earthy autumnal colors like cobalt blue, ravishing red, rust, deep olive, and charcoal
Textures – Tahiliani plays with textures in the form of woven textiles, embroidery, fringing, crochet, and prints that looked 3D, creating the illusion of texture.
Beauty – Experimented with the trendy glittery lips.

Enjoy this collage of my most adorned pieces from the collection!


Until soon
-XOXO Kreena – Review and Haul

My relationship with make-up products goes back to my middle school days where experimenting with funky eye shadows was a ritual before stepping into a hot shower, in order to erase the master piece that I had created on my eyes. I often found simplicity to be more attractive on ones face rather than being caked up with too much make up! It’s said that eyes are often the windows to a person’s soul (quite poetic I know, but a good segway into what I would like to talk about today).

Prior to my introduction to the Indian markets, I lived in California for five years and I was so used to the brands there that once I got back to the motherland, the makeup really disappointed me. Unfortunately which happens to be South Asia’s largest make-up supplies website that ships their products worldwide without any custom duty or tax was not a big part of my life.


My Review

As I navigated through the website, I found the user interface a piece of cake. I have picked a couple of my favorite products from their eye make up collection, which you can view here. Over there I ordered a beautiful Sleek Make-Up eye shadow palette along with a Luscious Cosmetics primer/base. I received the products in appropriate packaging within six days and applying eye makeup has become a bliss ever since.

I have used both of these products for over a week and I am blown away by the quality of products offers due to its proper safety measures in terms of duplicate products, broken palettes, etc.


Product Review

Sleek Make Up: Oh So Special – This eye shadow palette includes seven matte eye shadows and five shimmer eye shadows. They are well pigmented (as seen in the swatches below). The packaging is compact and minimal which is easy to carry around although the makeup applicator is not up to the mark at all. All in all, it is a great product at a very affordable price. You can purchase it here for Rs.1459.

3 4Here are the swatches of the pigment from the palette.
5 6Luscious Cosmetics – A primer/base is essential for effective use of an eye shadow. Creating an even base for the shadow makes the color pop and avoids creasing of the pigment. This product is worth every penny! I am a fan of this eye primer/base as it is affordable and tiny amount can go a long way! I use two small dots for each eye and the creamy texture is sufficient to create a smooth finish for the eye lid. It is very convenient to use and is also effective to hide blemishes as well. You can purchase it here for Rs. 1224.
7 8 9 Apart from their regular discounts all year round, has been kind enough to offer you a 15% discount on your first purchase using the coupon code BLX-LIVEMODISH during the check out! Offer is valid till 8th August, 2015.

– XOXO Kreena

Styling with Nine West

On today’s edition of Livemodish, I went outside the box, to do something I don’t end up doing very often a.k.a wear expensive clothes! You all know my mantra – look chic and stylish without breaking the bank. I usually live by those principles, and it’s very easy for me to pair an outfit with one or two statement pieces that makes my look complete.

But recently I and 25 other bloggers were invited by Nine West to take part in their styling campaign. The task was simple enough- pick between brands like Mango and Guess and choose an outfit to style Nine West products with. Of course, if you don’t know, Nine West makes fabulous shoes and bags, and I for one was not going to miss this opportunity!

Once I got there, the choice to style my outfit became even easier. Mango has some great clothes, but I was never really into their style, therefore the only other option was Guess. Once I got to the Guess store, my eyes lit up at what appeared to be this cute, black and white striped skater dress. Before I knew it, I was already at the check out counter.

Again I would love to reiterate what I have always told my followers. When it comes to styling your outfits, too much of anything does not make a good outfit. Instead, start minimal, and let your outfit pop with one or two eye catching statement pieces. Since my outfit was very monotone, I needed a statement piece that would complete the look. This is where Nine West comes in.


I spotted a range of fuschia pink hand bags in a variety of sizes.  They were there for my picking! It was a difficult decision, choosing between the wallet, sling bag, purse, and a tote in fuschia pink. But in the end I settled for the fuschia pink purse and paired it with a gorgeous pair of teeny tiny heels in the same color to give life to my outfit. Now I wouldn’t call it a general rule, but in almost every circumstance, the accessories you pick, will always look better if the footwear is of the same colour. This rule also applies to men’s outfits (ex. belt colour equals colour of shoes). Other then that, I added a cute dainty piece from the Nine West’s accessories collection, and there it was, my perfect outfit!












I hope you guys enjoyed this look and appreciated some of the advice I pointed to. It was definitely an honour to be a part of the Nine West Blogger Hunt and to be judged by the fashion director of Grazia magazine, Ekta Rajani. The entire process of picking the outfit from Guess, getting stylized by Inglot, and shooting with the team of Fashion Most Wanted was worth the experience.

 Here is a profile video I shot as part of the campaign to introduce myself:

Dress – Guess; bag, shoes, accessories – All: Nine West

Photo credit: Bhavya Kotian Photographer
Video credit: Fashion Most Wanted

 -XOXO Kreena

Red Ridding Hood

Apologies, apologies and apologies are in order. My avid readers have noticed my absence from the blogging scene for a very long time!  Don’t worry folks, my passion for blogging has not weakened but rather converted into activities that have drained my time and my resources. For those who are unaware, I have immersed myself in the art of textile design and I must say, for the most part, everything from creating prints, to learning the process of dyeing, printing, fabric manipulation, etc. is incredibly fascinating and gratifying to say the least. So now that the apologies are behind us, we can get started once again with more DIY blog posts, clothing mashups and many more surprises! To kick things off, I introduce this lovely summer outfit! Due to the blazing heat waves that we have experienced this year, it’s important to wear cottons, and fabrics that give our skin some room to breathe. This red summer dress worked very well with my sky high heels and a brown bag, which I have used in earlier posts, as seen here. Furthermore, I paired this look with minimal accessories, for a hot summer afternoon and most importantly, minimal makeup that would not melt in this humid weather. Apart from all the outfit details I have had an amazing year so far and I know for sure that the second half of this year is going to be amazing as well since I have a lot of exciting things lined up! I would like to say thank you to all my fans that have supported me, and have religiously followed my progress! For more updates, do follow me on Instagram – @livemodish a b c d e f g h i

Photography – Pooja Dedhia Photography

Dress – Stalls outside Vile Parle station; bag, earrings – Bangkok; watch – Tommy Hilfiger; shoes – Canada; ring,bracelet stack – Colaba

– XOXO Kreena

Elements of Design

As a fashion student in one of the best design schools in the country, I feel honored to be part of a proud tradition of alumni who have contributed to the ethos of fashion in India. As I enter into my second year of university, I will be flooded with assignments! So in order to get my faithful viewers something after school i’m creating this new category. This category will feature updates of my assignments and creative work. Hope you all enjoy!

Moving onto some of my past assignments, I would like the viewer to understand the basics of design. Design is a very well thought out process, that needs a planned methodology in order for the creative juices to fly. And unless you are a creative genius, your stream of thought and creativity needs a guided methodology in order to get your ideas on the page.There are various elements of design that need to be taken under consideration, and they are as follows:

  • Lines/dots
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Form

This post is dedicated to Lines and Dots. A simple dot or a line can help an artist create emotion and convey a message with ease.

Here are some examples in which I showcased a few emotions and nouns using lines and dots.


1.Death, 2.City, 3.Attraction, 4.Electricity2

 1.Desert, 2.War, 3.Army, 4.Metamorphosis

Here I have depicted the word “economy” by using dots, lines, and a combination on both. 3

Here are a few images created using lines, dots, and a combination of both.
4 Butterfly using lines.6

A girls face using dots.5

A car using a combination of lines and dots.

A scenery using a combination of lines and dots.

Now we move onto another element which is space. There is positive, as well as negative space in any image you can see or imagine. Space needs to be utilized properly in order to create a balance in the picture. Here I have created two images considering the positive, and negative space in each of the square boxes. The idea is then for the viewer to spot their eyes to the whole picture, rather then focusing in-on-any particular part.8Other elements of design like color, texture, and form are very common.  This is  a situation where colour as well as texture play vital roles in the formation of an image.

Here I created an image using most of the elements of design. Lines and dots are used to make snow flakes. I have used negative and positive space to create the snow man, and used the emphasis of the color red to give a festive feeling.


In design, there is no right or wrong. It is how you play with different elements to communicate your message.

Here is am image created just by using lines, you can call it a doodle as well.12 An image can be created by using several aspects of design, whether it is geometric, abstract, or stylized. Here I took a natural object i.e. the bottom of a foot and created the same using geometric, abstract, and stylized design.10

1.Natural, 2.Geometric11

3.Abstract, 4.Stylized

I hope you guys appreciate my posts on design, feel free to ask questions on any of my topics on Facebook or Instagram.

-XOXO Kreena

Pineapple Express


As avid followers of my blog posts, you will have realized how crazy I am about my nail art. In fact the majority of my DIY posts are primarily nail art posts. Now in creating those perfect lines, the use of sellotape is a must! You can get crisp clean lines by using sellotapes and it is super easy to try them yourself. To create this manicure follow these few easy steps, and get ready to flaunt your nails where ever you go.


  • Green nail paint
  • Yellow nail paint
  • White nail paint
  • Sellotape



Step 1: Apply a coat of yellow nail paint, and let them dry completely before you move onto the next step (maybe a few hours or more). I left it like that for a day.


Step 2: Cut 10 square pieces of tape and stick them diagonally as show bellow where the corners of the tape meet at the center of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 3: Apply white nail paint on the bottom half of the nail. You can make horizontal strokes so that it does not go over to the top half of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 4: Apply green nail paint to the top half of the nail.???????????????????????????????

Step 5: Now this is the tricky part since you have to be very careful. When you remove the sellotape in order to get smudge-free straight lines, peel of the sellotape one line at a time. What I mean by that is that you will have to peel each  piece of tape in two halves, the edge touching the green paint and then  the edge touching the white paint.???????????????????????????????

Step 6: You can dip a size zero paint brush in the nail paint bottle and correct the edges. Top it off with a clear coat of nail paint and  you are ready to go!
???????????????????????????????-XOXO Kreena

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