Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 – Day 5

Day 5 being the final day of the Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 was meant to showcase collections presented by the best designers. Prashant Chauhan was one of the few designers who presented his collection on that day. Most of his outfits comprised of floral printed fabrics as well are sheer fabrics in bright colors. His printed pants worked wonders for his collection and created flawless silhouettes.

SS Surya‘s collection was squeky clean… literally! The pure white fabrics, the atomic detailing, and the perfect cut work that was done on all his outfits gave them an elegant appeal. The showstopper wore a fabulous bright red gown which was draped impeccably.

Atithi Gupta‘s collection comprised of several pleated dresses in shades of purples and greys. It was a treat to watch Huma Qureshi (The Gangs of Wasseypur actress) strut down the runway as Gupta‘s show showstopper.

Nupur Kanoi had incorporated the several upcoming styles in her collection. I adored her peplum waist coats the most. For those of you who don’t know what peplums are, they are short overskirts or ruffles attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. Kanoi‘s colorful lace pants made an amazing fashion statement this season. As you guys know I am a lace-a-holic ( I’m obsessed with lace fabric); her lace pants made me wanna say “I wan’t that!” everytime a model strut down the runway wearing them in different colors.

Trend Alert: Peplum tops or waist coats as well as colorful lace outfits are in this season.

Archana Kochar presented a wide range of printed sarees. The sheer printed sarees with black cut out blouses looked beautiful on the runway. Sameera Reddy looked stunning strutting down the runway as Kochar‘s showstopper.

Rajat Tangri’s “La Cosa Nostra” collection was the sexiest collection that I had watched this season. The models flirted with each other as they walked down the runway in their flowy cocktail gowns. I witnessed several outfits made of satin, lace, and shimmer fabrics in shades of pastel pink, teal, and black.

Sailex presented an extremely feminine, elegant, and a colorful collection. The bejewelled outfits consisting of stunning embellishments and metallic peplum took the collection to a whole new level.

Neeta Lulla’s Radha collection kicked off with a graceful dance performed by Hema Malini. Lulla showcased a bridal collection consisting of several pleated lehengas, anarkalis, and skirts in beautiful bright colors.

Trend Alert: You will definitely see a lot of pleats this season.

Kallol Dutta presented a collection with amazing monochrome prints. Kareena Kapoor strut down the runway in spikes and prints, where she was seen donning a printed coat along with a spike-y necklace.

Pankaj and Nidhi‘s collection comprised of white silhoutees with clean cutouts. They incorporated a lot of leather which was tasseled and tied together in most of their outfits. Their showstopper, Kareena Kapoor, was seen donning a leather fringed coat. According to me, the collection looked like a total disaster.

Trend Alert: Pull out your leather jackets, as you will definitely be seeing them this season.

In conclusion, Day 5 was a disappointment as well as the past few days. I expected the finalé to be extravagant, but it surely didn’t live upto my expectations. Well, that’s it for now, let’s just hope for a better season next year.

I would like to inform you that all the pictures used in this post are not a property of Livemodish. They have been taken from the Lakmé Fashion Week fan page on facebook. I would love to thank LFWTV that aired the show on their website and uploaded the pictures on their facebook fan page to help bloggers like me.

– XOXO Kreena

Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 – Day 4

Day 4 of the Lakmé Fashion Week showcased collections of accessories, bags, shoes, and apparels. The day kicked off with Outhouse where the designer presented an array of beautiful jewelry including earrings, funky necklaces, cuffs, rings, and waist bands. A few things that I adored were her collar necklaces, the draped back jewelry, and the umbrella. P.S. I loved the hair too.

Rohan Arora presented a collection of candy colored shoes. For female wear, he showcased a collection of colorful printed wedges, which I wasn’t really a fan of. But what I adored about his collection was the men’s footwear. The technique of adding vibrant out of the box colors to the shoes, with minimal embroidery gave them a simple yet classy touch.

Valliyan by Nitya was another collection of exquisite jewelry. Nitya mostly worked with spikes in her collection. Her collection showcased  an array of amazing accessories including head gears, tassels, arm bands, and earrings.

On to the mediocreto sum up Bhairavi Jaikishan’s collection in one word I would have to go with generic. I was not a fan of the outfits that she had presented. It was something that was repeated over and over again. Just the usual nets, covered blouses, and the 3D flowers on the sarees. She didn’t really have anything new to offer this season.

Veev presented Second Skin a collection of bags. It comprised of bags in different colors like pastel pinks and blues, nude tones, greys, browns and bright oranges.

Shyamal and Bhumika themed their collection in a Jodah Akhbari style. A lot of velvet and zardozi embroidery was used in both mens and womens wear. They had used a lot of velvet and brocade with quite a lot of layering. The mens wear had amazing embroidered and zardozi work done on the sherwanis and jackets, along with very stylish head gear.

Another ‘conventional’ collection was Abhihekh Dutta’s theme which was quite indistinguishable. He worked with a color pellet consisting of purple, grey and black. A lot of printed fabics were seen on the ramp. He had used quite a bit of leather and black sequins too. One thing that was unnessecary was the Bane mask worn by the models as they strutted down the runway. It didn’t work well with the theme, it was quite irrelevant, and frankly I don’t know what he was thinking.

Swapnil Shinde’s show was a treat to watch. He had well structured draping, flow-y garments, fitted body outfits and perfect layering done in all the outfits he had presented. His fabrics had clean cuts and end result came out flawless. Another plus was the gorgeous silhouettes that need no further explanation!

To end things of on a sour note Sanchita Ajjampur’s show was quite the disappointment. In my estimation it wasn’t worth being the finally show for Day 4. She incorporated nude colors like peach & beige, and dark ones like silverish grey & black in her collection. She showcased a few shimmery bikinis and quite a bit of fringes and frills in her outfits.

A very interesting outfit that I saw at the Talent Box, by Ken Ferns

In conclusion, Day 4 was definitely not my favorite. There wasn’t a WOW factor in any of the collections that I saw throughout the day. Let’s hope Day 5 ends the Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 with a bang.

I would like to inform you that all the pictures used in this post are not a property of Livemodish. They have been taken from the Lakmé Fashion Week fan page on facebook. I would love to thank LFWTV that aired the show on their website and uploaded the pictures on their facebook fan page to help bloggers like me.

– XOXO Kreena

Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 – Day 3

The third day of the Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 was all about the different Indian textiles. The “Indian Textile Day” started of with Gurang‘s show which showcased a bulk of rich gold and pink fabrics. He showcased traditional Indian wear with a lot of draped-colorful- fabrics. To deliver the entire collection together he added a tinge of green in all the outfits along with a green bindi worn by all the models. He showcased full sleeved sarees, blouses and traditional dresses. All in all, I adored his collection as it wasn’t over-the-top heavy; it was light with bold colors, flow-y fabrics and simple detailing, something that is sure to sit well with the general public.

Shruti Sancheti‘s show was inspired by nomadic tribes of  the Thar desert. She used various fabrics of different textures and amples of colors. The accessories like tassels, chockers, long necklaces, and bracelets which complimented the outfits she had designed were  mind blowing .

Famous by Payal Kapoor was a treat to watch. I loved each and every outfit that she had presented. The positive factor about the collection was that all the outfits were ready to wear and sell-able. She used brocade in most of her outfits, whether it was lehengas, anarkalis, kaftans, skirts, sarees or dresses. She mostly worked with nude tones and encorporated shoulder grazing earings with all the outfits. Payal‘s show concluded with a bang as Mini Mathur strut down the runway as her showstopper.

A burst of color hit my eye when Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam showcased their collection Kapurthala. I must say, I was in love with all their outfits. They were free, flow-y, and colorful. I was impressed what these two actor-turned-self-taught designers presented  at the Lakmé Fashion Week.

Debarun‘s collection was a extremely versatile. He encorporate long sleeved blouses with sarees, short empire line tops with ghagras, scarves with long sleeved churidars, churidar bottoms under long gowns, and embroidered jackets with ghagras. He also stuck to shades of blue as a highlight in each and every outfit that he had presented. In conclusion, a very unique show.

Deepika Govind’s collection was different from what I saw throughout the day. She mixed sarees, with printed motifs in her long sleeved blouses which worked wonders for her collection. I love how the Pallu (the part of the saree that hangs behind your back) was tied in a knot at the shoulder and let loose in the back. She had used tons of interesting prints in her outfits. And, her entire collection was extremely colorful.

Krishna Mehta’s collection was mediocre at best. He presented a very nice traditional collection which in my estimations was’nt bold enough to make an impact on day three. Furthermore there was a feeling that the collections wasn’t anything new. Regardless, I enjoyed quite a few outfits from her collection.

Anita Dongre’s collection encorporated a lot of reds, pinks, and blues. I witnessed lots of flowing bustier gowns and beautifull accessories. The black shoes, beautiful neck pieces, and up-do’s worn by the models worked wonders for the show collectively. She presented a few mens outfits consisting of shaded blazers, which looked amazing. Preeti Desai‘s princess-y outfit looked gorgeous as she strut down the runway as Anita‘s showstopper.

A few interesting outfits that I saw at the Lakmé Fashion Week Talent Box:

Khem by Khushboo and Prem

Trend Alert:

  • Chunky jewelry may just be the thing this season
  • You can gamble on playing with bright colorful fabric with minimal work on traditional wear.
  • Embroidered or printed fabrics can work wonders in an outfit, to keep it to the minimal.
  • Don’t refrain from mixing-and-matching. (watch Debarun‘s show)

I would like to inform you that all the pictures used in this post are not a property of Livemodish. They have been taken from the Lakmé Fashion Week fan page on facebook. I would love to thank LFWTV that aired the show on their website and uploaded the pictures on their facebook fan page to help bloggers like me.

– XOXO Kreena

Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 – Day 2

The second day of Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 kicked off with Aarti Vijay Gupta‘s collection. As the models started to strut down the ramp, my mind  flashed back to Masaba Gupta‘s past collections at the Lakmé Fashion Week. I saw the bold prints, the clean cuts, & minimal accessories and I wondered whether these two were related? Haha. Nonetheless, Aarti Vijay Gupta‘s collection showcased the journey of an upcoming fashion designer through the sketches of a human figure, to images of croquis, and the color wheels composed on her outfits.
Trend Alert: You will definitely see a lot of prints this season.
Nikhil Thampa presented a bold and dark textured collection which consisted  of fabrics like velvet and crépe in monotone hues. He even used grunge music for setting a beat for the models to promenade down the ramp which further enhanced his theme.
Sidharta Aryan showcased a very colorful collection. He used beautiful neon prints on the fabrics which worked wonders in presenting the outfits collectively.
Trend alert: Neons may just be the thing this season.
The collection Sundari by Yogesh Chaudary  which blew my mind. I could not get over the fact that a person could even think of such a concept for a fashion show. His collection revolved around Pacman, yes, the game Pacman that we used to play when we were in school. He created beautiful jumpsuits, shorts, dresses, skirts, and even sarees designed with Pacman print. He enculcated the color blue in all his outfits along with yellow and orange as white was his base color. It was a treat to watch his show due to the Pacman song that was playing in the background along with the audio from the game itself. Apart from the apparel and music his accesories were Pacman-ized too! He presented gold plated cut-outs of Pacman binded together for necklaces and earrings. All I’ve got to say is that this was my favorite collection of the day and the brownie points solely go to the theme of the show.
But with everything there needs to be a stark contrast and Shift by Nimish Shah was one of the few shows that actually showcased a winter collecion. He included either a scarf, a jacket, a shawl, or a coat with a hint or retro-ness in each and every outfit that he had presented. Shah definitely knew what he was here for.
The Sadhu and Samurai themed show presented by Payal Khandwala was all about draping. She had draped her fabrics fabulously in each and every one of her outfits. The color pallete she chose for her Sadhu and Samurai collection was deep reds, orange, yellows, and browns for obvious reasons. Although her collection was unique, it was not marketable or sale-able. I highly doubt you’ll see people wearing her outfits in the bustling streets of Mumbai.
Komal Sood worked with alot of sequin and and flowy fabrics. Her collection consisted of a lot of long gowns in bright colors. And the highlight of her show was Siddhartha Mallya who walked down the ramp in a classic black suit to conclude the show.
Babita Malkani used quite a bit of tie-dye effect along with beautiful drapping which worked wonders for her collection.
Drashta‘s show was another one of my favorites for Day 2. I can confidently say that because I said ‘I want that!” after each and every outfit that was presented on the ramp. Her collection was so me! It was definitely girly due to the liquid fabrics, pop of bright colors, and accentuating accessories which complimented each and every outfit in the collection.
Wendell Rodricks presented a flow-y colorful collection consisting of flawless silhouettes. He  had beautiful cuts, draping, and a dash of an out-of-the-box colour in all the outfits that he had presented.
Trend Alert: You definitely saw prints in three of the collections today and bright colorful fabrics in the remaining ones, so I believe you know what you need to look out for this season.

I would like to inform you that all the pictures used in this post are not a property of Livemodish. They have been taken from the Lakmé Fashion Week fan page on facebook. I would love to thank LFWTV that aired the show on their website and uploaded the pictures on their facebook fan page to help bloggers like me.

-XOXO Kreena

Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 – Day 1

The much awaited  Lakmé Fashion Week is already here. The next five days are going to be an eventful occasion for designers, celebrities, and socialites as they will be captivated by the upcoming fashion trends this season. Although, I couldn’t get access to watch all the shows live at the beautiful Grand Hyatt, I watched them live on the Lakmé Fashion Week website as the shows were aired online in their respective time slots. Conversely this post will be giving you, the reader, a glimpse into the glamorous world of Catwalks and the interesting shows that caught my attention.

To kick off Lakme fashion week the first show presented was the GenNext category. The GenNext comprises of  upcoming designers who are eager to show off their talents on the big stage. A designer by the name of  Richa Agarwal presented an amazing collection which consisted of loud colors, flowy garments, and floral printed outfits. The best part about her collection was that it was marketable and sale-able. Asa Kanzingmei’s collection was one of a kind. He presented four unique outfits. All his outfits comprised of the color red and black highlighted with white, yellow, and green. Although, his outfits were not wearable or marketable; the intricate detailing, the fabrics, the layering, and the cut work looked extremely fresh and clean.

After the GenNext show, Pia Pauro presented her collection. Her collection was very colorful and consisted too many flowy fabrics like short dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, skirts, floral blazers. She had used the pastel color pallet and a few of her outfits comprised of tribal, embroidered work. She even presented a few male garments.

Trend Alert:  For all the men out there; Colored pants and boat shoes are in guys. Go grab them!

Anushka Khanna showcased her collection at the Talent Box. Her show was of importance as it was attended by well known socialites, Karan Johar & Kareena Kapoor. Anushka Khanna’s collection comprised of garments mainly in the colour pink. According to me, she wanted to showcase the versatility of pink and shine a light on possibly an upcoming colour of the season. She shifted from a bright pink to a darker fuchsia colour and presented her outfits with alot of layering and different cuts.

Trend Alert: Pink might just be the color this season!

Moving on to a more desi theme, Payal Singhals collection which was inspired by a Rajasthani theme was extremely colorful. It embodied a wide array of colours with a lot of mirror work. With the Rajasthani music playing in the background, it was a treat to watch her show.

Trend Alert: Net is so last season! You will definitely see lehngas and anarkali’s in georgette, brocade, & velvet.

Switching to a more eccentric show Vizyon  used colors like yellow, white, black, grey, and electric blue. This show blew my mind mostly because of their cut work and amazing detailing. The cuts, layering, and the embelishments were mind blowing.But a negative to its  charismatic colours and designs is its sale-able factor which in my estimates will take years to get used to. These outfits are not wearable for everyday customers. Nevertheless, their showstopper outfit blew my mind. It was a one shouldered shimmery gold long gown with a mile long cut at the side. This outfit took their collection to a different level altogether.

As the day progressed the viewing audience transferred their gaze from the newer designers to the established more experienced designers primarily Ritu Beri who presented an amazing show. From beginning to end it was a treat to watch the show with french inspired outfits. The french music playing in the background worked wonders with the ‘Paris’ theme. She showcased brilliant outfits like dungaree made with jeans fabric, jeans boots, lace coats, colorful embroidered pants, feathers, and a lot more. Ah… I can’t stop talking about this show.

Trend Alert: Color full pants are in this season, and with minimal embroidery on it will work wonders.

Pallavi Jaikishan‘s show was a perfect way to end the Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week. She presented her bridal collection consisting of bright orange, yellow, pink and red sarees and lehengas. She concentrated a lot on floral prints which were seen on the lehengas and the floral hand work which was done on most of the blouse pieces.

All in all, Lakmé Fashion Week W/F 2012 kicked off with an amazing start. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the next four days.

I would like to inform you that all the pictures used in this post are not a property of Livemodish. They have been taken from the Lakmé Fashion Week fan page on facebook. I would love to thank LFWTV that aired the show on their website and uploaded the pictures on their facebook fan page to help bloggers like me.

-XOXO Kreena