Hidesign – Art of Reuse 2015

My creative juices start flowing every time I hold a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue. In fact, the entire DIY section on this website consists of impulse projects that are various in nature. Everything from decorating clay pots, to recycling rusted bracelets all has a touch of creativity and simplicity to their design. Recently I came across Hidesign’s annual design contest ‘Art of Reuse’ where creative geniuses get a chance to create products and showcase their talent around the world. The concept of this project was to recycle the scrap pieces of leather from the Hidesign warehouse in order to re-use waste materials to create useful products. 1

In order to embark on this project, Hidesign provided me with a kit consisting of colored leather scraps, waxed thread, a needle, and a tool to create holes in the leather. I was more than excited to create several products when I got a hold of the DIY kit. I must admit though, working with leather was not easy! Putting aside the hours of brainstorming I had to do, the fact is that I had never worked with leather products before. Not to mention the pieces given were oddly shaped and not at all congruent on any side.

Luckily the two years of experience as a textile design student came in handy and I decided to start weaving pieces of leather to create a woven structure. The piece turned out to look impeccable so I decided that it should be the highlight of my article. I was not willing to compromise on the woven structure in order to create something wacky or distorted so I stuck to the basics and decided to create a clutch. The clutch would be practical as well as something I could rock!

2 Here came the tough part! Joining those pieces of leather with a needle and thread was difficult as it was not feasible on my part to poke holes through leather due to its thick and rugged exterior. Hence I employed the use of a hammer, my brother and an extremely thick needle to help me poke holes in this ishh.  After a while I got tired of that, and I went straight old school! I got a sharp scissor and started constructing (Due to the technical and proprietary nature of the work it will be very difficult to discuss the intricate detailing and workings of the clutch).* But I can tell you that after the detailing were complete, it was very easy to stitch the front and back piece together and give the flap a slight curve to finish the look. 3 4 5 6

So there you go – that is how I created my hand-woven and hand-made clutch using the Hidesign ‘Art of Reuse’ kit. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, and I would really appreciate it, if you could vote for me on their social media pages. It is a very cool project and an amazing initiative to reduce waste. The winner gets an all inclusive trip to Pondicherry to design their own Hidesign bag. The runner ups get cash prizes as well!

On a final note, Although It is too late to participate this year but make sure you do so in 2016 and get your creative juices flowing!

 -XOXO Kreena

Luxola.com – Review and Haul

My relationship with make-up products goes back to my middle school days where experimenting with funky eye shadows was a ritual before stepping into a hot shower, in order to erase the master piece that I had created on my eyes. I often found simplicity to be more attractive on ones face rather than being caked up with too much make up! It’s said that eyes are often the windows to a person’s soul (quite poetic I know, but a good segway into what I would like to talk about today).

Prior to my introduction to the Indian markets, I lived in California for five years and I was so used to the brands there that once I got back to the motherland, the makeup really disappointed me. Unfortunately Luxola.com which happens to be South Asia’s largest make-up supplies website that ships their products worldwide without any custom duty or tax was not a big part of my life.


My Review

As I navigated through the website, I found the user interface a piece of cake. I have picked a couple of my favorite products from their eye make up collection, which you can view here. Over there I ordered a beautiful Sleek Make-Up eye shadow palette along with a Luscious Cosmetics primer/base. I received the products in appropriate packaging within six days and applying eye makeup has become a bliss ever since.

I have used both of these products for over a week and I am blown away by the quality of products Luxola.com offers due to its proper safety measures in terms of duplicate products, broken palettes, etc.


Product Review

Sleek Make Up: Oh So Special – This eye shadow palette includes seven matte eye shadows and five shimmer eye shadows. They are well pigmented (as seen in the swatches below). The packaging is compact and minimal which is easy to carry around although the makeup applicator is not up to the mark at all. All in all, it is a great product at a very affordable price. You can purchase it here for Rs.1459.

3 4Here are the swatches of the pigment from the palette.
5 6Luscious Cosmetics – A primer/base is essential for effective use of an eye shadow. Creating an even base for the shadow makes the color pop and avoids creasing of the pigment. This product is worth every penny! I am a fan of this eye primer/base as it is affordable and tiny amount can go a long way! I use two small dots for each eye and the creamy texture is sufficient to create a smooth finish for the eye lid. It is very convenient to use and is also effective to hide blemishes as well. You can purchase it here for Rs. 1224.
7 8 9 Apart from their regular discounts all year round, Luxola.com has been kind enough to offer you a 15% discount on your first purchase using the coupon code BLX-LIVEMODISH during the check out! Offer is valid till 8th August, 2015.

– XOXO Kreena

Styling with Nine West

On today’s edition of Livemodish, I went outside the box, to do something I don’t end up doing very often a.k.a wear expensive clothes! You all know my mantra – look chic and stylish without breaking the bank. I usually live by those principles, and it’s very easy for me to pair an outfit with one or two statement pieces that makes my look complete.

But recently I and 25 other bloggers were invited by Nine West to take part in their styling campaign. The task was simple enough- pick between brands like Mango and Guess and choose an outfit to style Nine West products with. Of course, if you don’t know, Nine West makes fabulous shoes and bags, and I for one was not going to miss this opportunity!

Once I got there, the choice to style my outfit became even easier. Mango has some great clothes, but I was never really into their style, therefore the only other option was Guess. Once I got to the Guess store, my eyes lit up at what appeared to be this cute, black and white striped skater dress. Before I knew it, I was already at the check out counter.

Again I would love to reiterate what I have always told my followers. When it comes to styling your outfits, too much of anything does not make a good outfit. Instead, start minimal, and let your outfit pop with one or two eye catching statement pieces. Since my outfit was very monotone, I needed a statement piece that would complete the look. This is where Nine West comes in.


I spotted a range of fuschia pink hand bags in a variety of sizes.  They were there for my picking! It was a difficult decision, choosing between the wallet, sling bag, purse, and a tote in fuschia pink. But in the end I settled for the fuschia pink purse and paired it with a gorgeous pair of teeny tiny heels in the same color to give life to my outfit. Now I wouldn’t call it a general rule, but in almost every circumstance, the accessories you pick, will always look better if the footwear is of the same colour. This rule also applies to men’s outfits (ex. belt colour equals colour of shoes). Other then that, I added a cute dainty piece from the Nine West’s accessories collection, and there it was, my perfect outfit!












I hope you guys enjoyed this look and appreciated some of the advice I pointed to. It was definitely an honour to be a part of the Nine West Blogger Hunt and to be judged by the fashion director of Grazia magazine, Ekta Rajani. The entire process of picking the outfit from Guess, getting stylized by Inglot, and shooting with the team of Fashion Most Wanted was worth the experience.

 Here is a profile video I shot as part of the campaign to introduce myself:

Dress – Guess; bag, shoes, accessories – All: Nine West

Photo credit: Bhavya Kotian Photographer
Video credit: Fashion Most Wanted

 -XOXO Kreena

Review: Moroccanoil Treatment at Kromakay Salon

My avid followers probably know I travel a lot on a daily basis via public transport. The humidity, heat, and pollution can adversely affect the hair strands and make them limp and unhealthy. Compound that with the fact that I rarely have time to hit the salon and take care of my hair. Lucky for me, my hair is naturally strong and thick but unfortunately, with the rise in humidity levels, it puffs up and makes it impossible to tame. I must admit; I have tried almost every product to settle down the frizz and volume. There have also been times when I have opted for quick solutions for my hair. For example; once a year for the past five years I have opted to get my hair permanently straightened. This is obviously not good for anyone’s hair and is quite expensive to get done. The reason I’m telling you this is because I felt obligated to share one of the best hair care experiences I have had in a very long time. It’s not that expensive and the experience is definitely worth a try! 0 A few weeks ago I came across this new treatment by Moroccanoil which is offered at the Kromakay Salon at Colaba, Mumbai. The result of this amazing hair treatment has long lasted even after five washes, which is very rare when it comes to hair treatments. 1 My Review of the Treatment
Once I went in, it was quite simple for me to choose the treatment I wanted. They don’t have an array of treatments (which is good), as they have divided the products into three main categories: Hydration, Volume, and Clarify. I opted for the Hydration treatment. The treatment began with washing and conditioning my hair with the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and the Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner, respectively. This was followed by a Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask which was applied to sections of my hair in order to get even application. The mask was left in my hair for 45 minutes during which I got a very relaxing 20 minutes head massage. Post massage, I went in for a quick rinse and then the stylist styled my hair using the new range of products; ‘Moroccanoil Root Boost’ and ‘Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse.’ 3 As you can see in the ‘before and after’ pictures above, my hair was transformed into a more healthy and shiny version of itself.

I can’t stress this enough, it has been a month since I got the treatment done and pending its results, I have been using the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and the Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner along with the serum, ever since. I would definitely recommend this treatment, so do check it out and let me know how your experiences have been. 4 -XOXO Kreena

Nail art workshop at Mood Indigo

People always ask me, whether I hold any classes or sessions for nail art. I am often reminded that in practice, some of the more intricate nail art are harder to accomplish, and often times it takes more than one or two tries to get it right. With that being said, I was thrilled at the opportunity of hosting a workshop organized by Mohawk. I didn’t know what to expect from this workshop at all; I had no clue about how many people would turn up, what they were expecting from me, or how it was going to turn out. But all I can say is that it was one of the best days of my life and I am truly grateful of getting the opportunity to teach the young and old alike. 1 The workshop began at 1:30 where I demonstrated a step-by-step process of making pretty nail art using several different materials. The Mohawk team had provided all the materials to the people who wanted to participate in the workshop and they had also arranged a camera with a live screening on the laptop for the people who were not able to see the nail art from different angles. 2 In the first session I taught a simple nail art using scotch tape and toothpicks, just like the Pineapple Express.  I must say, I simply loved the creativity and exuberance of my audience. This was due-to-the-fact that the audience could freely use the toothpicks and tape any way they wanted. The different colour combinations and linearity of the designs really brought out the fun and enjoyment of nail art! 4756 A lot of people started gathering and after the first round was done a few of them were eager to learn more nail art and wanted to sit for the second round as well. It was a heartwarming experience for me to paint nails for little kids, as their smiles glazed over their faces. Painting smiley faces and stars was fun for both parties involved and it simply brought out the little girl in me. 8910 For the second round of nail art posts we concentrated on an old favourite of mine. For the avid viewer, they will remember my News Print on Nails.This one was a crowd puller as the nail art looks intricate and fascinating, but is also super easy to accomplish. 12 I ended the workshop with the final session of a gradient nail art where we used a sponge to create a shaded texture on the tip of the nails. 11 After every session I got to take a look at all the creative nail art designs and pick a winner. We gave the winners a box of fun nail art related items in order to further master their talent. 13 The highlight of my day was the fact that children as young at 5 years and ladies as old as 40 years were interested in nail art. I have never been in such an environment where I have taught nail art tutorials for such a large demographic. Working from this side of the screen, I don’t know who my audience is, or what kind of people watch or read the content I provide, and rarely (except for a handful of avid fans) do I get to see their reactions or get their feedback while they are reading the blog or watching the videos. But, for the first time I saw the excitement and exhuberance on the faces of young girls and the happiness of attempting nail art. I even saw some of the frustrations of some of the young girls who had a hard time not smudging the paint on their nails. But the most important thing I got from this experience was the 1 on 1 interaction with each member of the audience. 1415 The smiles and laughter on the faces of women young and old gave me great pleasure, and words cant explain the joy I felt (truly empowering). 2015 has started of great! and all the positive energy around me has truly motivated and invigurated me to push much harder than ever before. Understanding more than ever how blessed my situation is, and to not take anything for granted is definitely something I will continue to do in this coming year and hopefully for the rest of my life.

Feel free to check out my nail art tutorials here.
Thank you for watching
Love you all!
-XOXO Kreena

Brunchin’ at Shazé

With beautiful jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and home décor products on display, Shazé has become the new one stop shopping destination in South Bombay. With the gifting season just around the corner, Shazé has made it extremely convenient to shop under one roof for a variety of the demographic population.  Whether its home decor, a wedding or a baby shower, you will find a great selection at Shazé.

A few days ago, I was invited to Shazé’s for brunch. The store was celebrating their latest launch as well as Aanam Chasmawala’s blog “What When Wear”. I had a lovely time at the event along with the other Mumbai based bloggers. We tried on several lovely pieces from their collection while sipping on cocktails and wine, enjoying delectable hors d’oeuvres, and of course ‘posing’ for those candid pictures.(paradox I know lol)

21 3

Shazé has made sure that their ‘Un Occasion’ campaign aims to dispel the myth that jewelry shopping is done only during occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. Shazé’s range of ready-to-wear jewelry brilliantly captures any mood, whether festive or not, and is perfect to flaunt throughout the year.

Here are a few of the pieces I adore :



I fell in love with this pearl necklace, which worked well with my outfit as a back necklace. I am a sucker for dainty jewelry, so I styled this necklace and bracelet to add a little bling to my outfit.


I went home with this scarf which felt so soft, like no other fabric that I have felt before. This 100% Tibetan yak wool scarf is my go to accessories for the early morning Mumbai winters : )

Here is a no makeup selfie I took at 6 in the morning.
I just had to show you guys how wonderful this scarf looks : )

Shazé is available across pan India through stand alone stores, as well as their online store.
You can stalk them on : Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

– XOXO Kreena

Jabong.com – Review

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the entity in review. This blog post is solely intended to provide the reader with my personal experience in using the product/services. As such, any thoughts and opinions expressed within are not coerced or influenced in any shape or form by the entity in review.

Amidst the festive season, it is very difficult to run around in search for the perfect ensemble. This is when online shopping comes to your rescue. Recently I stumbled upon Jabong.com and I was blown away by their diverse inventory of national, as well as international brands. I’d like to say that, I am a proud owner of a lot of jewellery, but somehow – I can never find the perfect traditional pair of earrings that go well with my Indian outfits. After reviewing a ton of websites, I decided to check out Jabong, and to my surprise, I found just what I was looking for. The website, with its user friendly interface, guided me towards my perfect earrings, and the experience couldn’t have been better. 

Another positive experience was their prompt delivery time. For example; the itinerary on the receipt mentioned that the product will be delivered in 5-7 days. Although that seemed long, to my dismay, my earrings arrived at my door step within 3 days. The packaging was good and quite sensible as they had bubble wrapped the inside of the box that it came in, to protect the product from any shipping damages.

Finally, and this is most important, I have to give credit to the website for NOT falsely advertising their product. We’ve all had that experience, where the advertised product looks 100 times better than what you have actually paid for. But I have to give credit where credit is due; I loved the product when I received it and it was exactly how it was described on the website.

a b c d

-XOXO Kreena